We started off 2022 with another growth spurt!

As we enter our tenth year in business, we want to take a few minutes to appreciate a few of our dedicated employees – new and old. Let’s take a moment to celebrate four recent promotions and two new additions to our team!

“Our people, and our approach to taking care of them, are what make us special,” says Greg Brock, Founder and CEO of Firefli. “What we’ve seen as a by-product of our philosophy is an inspired, creative, close-knit team producing amazing work for our clients. Each and every one of these employees have earned their role and recognition.”

Developers Level Up

When it comes to developing custom websites for our clients, we prioritize quality, timeliness, and compliance. Our veteran developers, Jocelyn Ashwell and Caleb Pierce have shown dedication to these values during their time at Firefli. As a result, they have both agreed to take on additional responsibilities in assuring our digital products are developed on time and within the strictest accessibility standards. In addition, we’ve welcomed Full Stack Web Developer Rebecca Stottlar to the team!

As Product Development Manager, Jocelyn will provide technical leadership to the products team. Her experience and leadership will support the Firefli in assuring that each project is approached with intent and thoughtfulness by upholding processes and supporting internal and external teams.

As Accessibility Lead and Senior Front End Developer, Caleb will become a specialist and advocate for Firefli’s specialty service, accessibility. In his role, he will support the team in making sure our products are accessible and inclusive.

In their role as a Full Stack Web Developer, Rebecca will support the web development team by conducting ongoing website maintenance and hosting updates for clients. Maintaining your digital products is just as important as building them! We’re thankful to have Rebecca on our team to provide that support.

Together, they’ll work to provide services to support some of the top website development trends in 2022.

Expanding Creative and Content

Firefli’s Strategy team has experienced significant growth over the past six years. As a result, many team members have been met with the opportunity to become more specialized in their skills, including Emily Harmon and Billy Sours. In addition to internal growth, Firefli has added a new strategy team member, Michelle Williams.

Emily Harmon, who previously worked as a Senior Strategist on the team, has grown into the role of Creative Production Lead. As Firefli continues to expand its creative and media production services, Emily will serve as the conduit from strategic planning to creative execution.

Billy Sours has developed strengths in traditional creative, UI design, and motion media during his time at Firefli. Now, as Senior Production Designer for the Strategy team, he combines his variety of skillsets to elevate Firefli’s creative projects in traditional, digital, and video formats.

The newest addition to the Firefli team, Michelle Williams, has joined the Strategy team as a Content Strategist. In her role, Michelle will collaborate with the Strategy team to plan and execute content marketing initiatives centered around brand storytelling, building engagement, and driving action in audiences.

These talented individuals will be part of the team’s approach to helping clients keep up with the top digital marketing trends for 2022 and beyond.

Join the Swarm

We meant it when we said we’re going through a growth spurt! We have two immediate positions posted on our website:

April 12, 2022 in Article