Join us in welcoming Michelle Williams, the newest addition to the Firefli Swarm!

Meet Content Strategist Michelle Williams: team player, fellow nerd, and resident Mother of Dragons. If she seems familiar, you might remember her from The Roanoker’s “40 Under 40” list. 

Michelle is a fantastic addition to our team. She brings a diverse marketing background and clearly understands how to craft compelling stories that will support the brands we serve. Michelle is a great cultural fit, and we collectively feel extremely lucky to have her.Matthew Sams, Partner and Vice President of Strategy at Firefli

Marketing, Meal Prep, and Manhattan

Michelle brings deep professional services experience from the employee-owned arena, with specialized skills in marketing, communications, and company culture. Prior to joining the workforce, Michelle graduated from Radford University with a BA in Marketing (Go Highlanders)! In her spare time, Michelle enjoys helping out her local community; whether that’s volunteering with organizations like PLAY Roanoke, writing letters to her senior citizen penpals, or playing with and walking local shelter pups.

When she’s not watching Game of Thrones or reading about the history of Westeros, Michelle likes to:

Travel to different places around the country. (Her latest favorite spot is New York City; good eats, amazing bike paths, and dog cafes –what more do you need?)

Get outside, exercise, and explore Virginia’s hiking trails with her rescue dog, Dot. (Dot’s new favorite spot is Greenhill Park in Salem, VA. Not only does she love playing in the creek, but there are loads of wildlife for her to stalk — squirrels, gophers, deer, bunnies, etc.)

Cook and bake for family and friends. (When hosting, Mich loves to pull out her Chicken Taco Bowl recipe.)

Relax and unwind by playing games; PC, console, board, and card! (Be wary, things can get heated when Mario Kart is involved.)

March 3, 2022 in Article