​Homestead Creamery was built upon the passion of local dairy farmers seeking to deliver farm fresh milk in glass bottles to local families. Their passion for honesty and simplicity has catapulted the brand to a leader in local dairy throughout the mid-Atlantic. As their footprint grew, the need for a digital presence to reach and engage their new customers became clear. The result was a "Best of Interactive" designation at the 2018 Western Virginia American Advertising Awards.

The Solution

Paying respect to the nostalgia of the days of the milkman, we sought to create a stunning digital experience that harnessed that sentimental feeling, while applying modern technology to help customers learn about the Homestead brand and locate their products. By homogenizing a highly visual product showcase, a dynamic store locator, and an illustrative design system, we were able to digitally introduce Homestead Creamery to the world with both form and function.

​A simplified way to find products from any device, any where.

The Results

​Education stands at the crux of making healthier, sustainable choices. Providing a platform for Homestead Creamery to share their story, their process, and their role in the greater agricultural community is key to contributing to that education. Leveraging their website and social media outlets, we have helped them strategically engage with audiences from Ohio to Florida and everywhere in between.

Our Process

By leveraging our relationships with local photographers and videographers, we built a visually vibrant website and build a portfolio of storytelling elements to strengthen Homestead Creamery's reputation for unmatched taste and old-fashioned values - with a new school twist.