We're excited to introduce the latest addition to the Swarm: Rebecca Stottlar [she/they], Full Stack Web Developer! Rebecca will support the web development team by conducting ongoing website maintenance and hosting updates for clients.

At Firefli, maintaining the digital products we build is just as important as creating them. With the growing need for ongoing maintenance for our website clients, especially as it related to security, we saw the need to add another full stack web developer.

Rebecca joins the team after receiving their Associate’s Degree in Database/Programming from Virginia Western Community College. During this time, they were instructed by John Cornthwait, Partner and Vice President at Firefli, in a web design course, and Caleb Pierce, Senior Front End Developer at Firefli, in two scripting courses. As a student, Rebecca demonstrated their knack for quickly understanding both sides of development and how they work together.

“Virginia Western is excited when we can place our star students with local companies. Rebecca certainly fits that bill! Her abilities are only exceeded by her focus and drive which she exhibited during her time with us and will certainly be an asset for Firefli. Her future in the field is bright!”

– Diane Wolfe, Program Head & Professor of Computer Science/Information Technology at Virginia Western Community College

In their free time, beyond gaming, Rebecca likes to participate in more analog activities. Rebecca and their partner, Nick, have been working to turn their entire yard into a garden with vegetables and fruit trees. They also have a passion for baking and when they’re not working on projects, they’re relaxing with their two pomapoos, Eris and Ralci.

December 30, 2021 in Article