The Anthem Award winners have been announced and Firefli is proud to share that it has received Silver in the Community Engagement Categories - Partnership or Collaboration: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

In February 2022, The Anthem Awards, an affiliate of The Webby Awards, announced its official list of 2022 finalists, naming Firefli among the recipients for their partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and American Express to create a platform for The Coalition to Back Black Businesses (CBBB), a “multi-year initiative to support Black small business owners and the communities they serve [with immediate financial assistance and long-term support] as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic”.


The Inaugural Anthem Awards

Our world is experiencing cultural revolutions, both socially and technologically. This shift brings new global awareness to our professional worlds. To honor the people, brands, and organizations creating purposeful and mission-driven work, The Anthem Awards were born. The Anthem Awards hope to inspire others to take action in their communities by amplifying voices that spark global change. This award aims to define a new benchmark for impactful and inspiring works in our industries.

This year’s Anthem Awards received almost 2,500 submissions from 36 different countries.

More on The Coalition to Back Black Businesses Firefli Partnership

Firefli partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and their funding partners to launch The Coalition to Back Black Businesses (CBBB), a grant-making initiative to provide immediate financial assistance and long-term support for America’s black-owned small businesses. Firefli’s objective was to create a fast, mobile-first website that makes it easy for people to submit grant applications and showcase Black-owned businesses that received funding. Firefli designed a website for the CBBB to collect applications, thank funders, and showcase recipients.

With more than 120,000 website views during the program’s launch, the CBBB’s purpose was successful. More than 600 business owners in 33 states received $5,000 grants. Of those recipients, 59% of those businesses were woman-owned. Additionally, the CBBB awarded $25,000 enhancement grants to 25 businesses.

We’re honored that the partnership behind CBBB has been recognized for supporting Black-owned businesses. Seeing the real impact of the program makes us optimistic about not only what’s next, but how we can all work together to get there.John Cornthwait, Vice President of Products at Firefli

Small businesses play a critical role in our communities. Not only do they provide jobs, but they foster local economies by keeping the money close to home while supporting local communities. The COVID-19 pandemic gave small businesses more than their fair share of struggles, but the Black-owned small business community has been hit especially hard.

The Coalition to Back Black Businesses, its partners, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation will work together over the next four years to empower Black-owned small businesses. By providing $14 million in grants, training, and resources, The CBBB will provide a brighter way forward for those affected by the pandemic. The CBBB plans to distribute $5,000 grants to applicants each fall, followed by mentorship and training, and a select few will receive $25,000 enhancement grants the following summer.

Let’s Continue the Narrative

We’re proud to have had the opportunity to work with The Coalition to Back Black Businesses to uplift black-owned businesses. This partnership is an intentional step to be an accountable advocate for those whose voices haven’t been heard yet. As a full-service digital strategy firm, we are agents of change for the partners we work with. We challenge our team and our partners to think in terms of “what’s possible” while collaborating and advocating for our clients’ goals every step of the way. Together, we celebrate each success, small and large. Have a project you’re passionate about? Tell us about it!

February 28, 2022 in Article