As lovers of all digital content, the Firefli nerds are passionate about podcasts. Give a listen to some of these favorites!

Industry Podcasts

Skimm’d from the Couch- Recommended by Michaela Parris, Content Producer

Founders of The Skimm interview women in business about career advice and accomplishments. It’s super empowering with a fun relaxed vibe.

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Reply All – Recommended by Emily Harmon, Senior Startegist

From Snapchat to Area 51, this podcast talks about all things tech and culture.

“A podcast about the internet’ that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.” – The Guardian

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99% Invisible – Recommended by Emily Harmon, Senior Strategist

This podcast talks about “invisible” design, aka every day, purposefully designed things that shape our world that go unnoticed.

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WP the Podcast – Recommended by Jeremy Basham, UX Designer

This daily podcast talks about how to win at WordPress in under 10 minutes per episode.

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Science of Social Media by Buffer – Recommended by Kelly Prince, Senior Strategist

Start your Monday mornings off with the latest social media insights with these quick 15-minute podcasts.

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True Crime

Yes, true crime gets it’s own category because while we may be Glowbugs, we also have a dark side.

Casefile – Recommended by Michaela Parris

This in-depth, research based podcast focuses on true crime cases like the Freeway Phanthom and Operation Cathedral.

“It also has an Anonymous host with a beautiful Australian accent,” Michaela.

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Last Podcast on the Left – Recommended by Donnie Manness, Front-End Developer

This researched based true crime podcast takes a humorous twist on dark stories. They also throw in a mix of supernatural.

“Not for someone with a weak stomach,” says Donnie.

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Crime Junkies – Recommended by Mackenzie Kenny

Described as cut and dry true crime by Mackenzie, this podcast is hosted by two women who are obsessed with true crime.

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Lifestyle & Special Interest

Rewatchables – Recommended by Matt Sams, Director of Strategy

One of The Ringer’s many podcast series, this is “a hilariously ridiculous over-analysis of movies you’ve seen 1000 times from a variety of vantage points.”

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Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone – Recommended by John Cornthwait, Director of Products

Spend your Monday mornings laughing with Comedian Paula Poundstone as she talks about a wide variety of topics about living life.

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Car Talk – Recommended by Caleb Pierce, Front End-Developer

This NPR classic publishes weekly episodes from their backlog, focusing on all things cars.

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The Minimalist – Recommended by Jeremy Basham, UX Designer

If you’re interested in living the simple life, this podcast talks about finding meaning through minimalism.

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Mysterious Universe – Recommended by Kelly Prince, Senior Strategist

Two Australian guys site around sharing stories they found in books on the web and internet about all things weird and unusual – from the Moth Man to the Men in Black.

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My Brother, My Brother, and Me – Recommended by Billy Sours

In this weekly comedy advice podcast, three brothers provide comedic answers to random questions submitted by listeners or found on Yahoo! Answers.

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Additional Listening

As you can see, we could go on and on all day. Here of a few other honorable mentions to lend an ear to:


September 30, 2019 in Article
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown