Join us in congratulating the Council of Community Services and Disability Rights and Resource Center as our inaugural Firefli Gives grant recipients!

In August 2022, we launched a brand new community outreach initiative: Firefli Gives. Today, we’re excited to introduce two incredible nonprofits we will partner with as part of our first cycle of Firefli Gives!

Firefli Gives is a grant-based initiative aimed at helping nonprofits in Southwest Virginia thrive online. This year’s recipients will have the opportunity to work on a project with Firefli, utilizing in-house web development, content marketing, branding, and video production services. 

Roanoke-based Council of Community Services and Franklin County-based Disability Rights and Resource Center will partner with Firefli to produce various digital assets to uplift the organizations and connect them to the communities they serve. 

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with two nonprofits that deliver critical services and resources to our local communities,” says Jocelyn Ashwell, committee co-chair. “Our goal with Firefli Gives is to light the way forward for these organizations to positively impact their communities.” 

We were honored to have 13 local nonprofit organizations apply to our first round of Firefli Gives! After reviewing applications and conducting interviews, our Firefli Gives committee was thrilled to select two impactful organizations to partner with. 

About Council of Community Services

The Council of Community Services, established in 1960, is committed to improving health, ending homelessness, and increasing access to resources. The organization promotes the welfare of the Roanoke Valley community by providing the following:

  • a forum for the expression and study of community needs
  • surveying and evaluation of resources available
  • the improvement of existing resources
  • the establishment of new resources

Council of Community Services delivers these services through Community Engagement, Drop-In Center, Homelessness Solutions, and 211 Virginia programs. In addition, they work with other local organizations to support volunteer engagement and strategic planning, provide education and resources for HIV and Hepatitis C prevention, collaborate with local services to help those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and connect individuals with local health and human services. 

About Disability Rights and Resource Center

The Disability Rights and Resource Center is dedicated to helping any person with any disability achieve and maintain a life of independence. Established in 2013, Disability Rights and Resource Center is a private, nonprofit, community agency with non-residential programs aimed at helping individuals in:

  • Danville 
  • Franklin County
  • Henry County
  • Martinsville
  • Patrick County
  • Pittsylvania County 

They strive to advocate for equal access to disability services by providing information and referrals to local assistance service providers through their work. In addition, they provide peer counseling, independent living skills training, and transition services for individuals in need. 

What’s Next? 

Those local nonprofit organizations seeking to participate in the next round of Firefli Gives should subscribe for program updates by emailing or check our website for updates. Also, make sure you follow our social media platforms to check in on the projects from round one along the way! 

October 28, 2022 in Article