​For the most part, pizza sells itself. But Benny's Pizza seeks to sell more than giant slices - they strive to support communities by bringing people together with great pies in unique settings. To do so, they needed a way to help families and friends find a place to gather - preferably seated around a 28" pizza.

The Solution

Firefli wanted to demonstrate ​how Benny's balances the intimacy of a local pizza shop with the dedication to quality of a regional chain. So we created a website that encapsulates the unique personalities of each store, while also helping Benny's fans across the mid-Atlantic find the closest giant slice.

​Wayfinding made simple. From any device.

The Results

​Building a website as bold as their pizza required a bold design. Leveraging the grit of the brand, we used textures and a strong voice to bring each location to life. Each location page serves as its own mini-site, complete with a menu, wayfinding tools, and integrated Instagram feed.

Our Process

Early on, it was clear that Benny's team knew their brand and how they want it to scale. The conviction in their vision made for an extremely fun exploration for equally strong voice and visuals. ​Simply put, the crust rose perfectly.